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February 8, 2018
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Parks & RecreationSeason 6, Episode 7
Leslie Knope ��� Parks & Rec department, City Councilwoman, determined to pass one more bill before she is kicked out of office
Tom Haverford ��� Parks & Rec department, obsessed with the Aesthetic���, helps Leslie re-brand Fluoride
Ron Swanson ��� Director of Parks & Rec, carpenter, expecting his first child
Ben Wyatt ��� Husband to Leslie, works for Sweetums��� charity department
Jerry/Larry Gergich ��� Parks & Rec department, butt end of P&R���s jokes
Donna Meagle ��� Parks & Rec department
Craig Middlebrook ��� Parks & Rec department, very high strung, very energetic
Chris Traeger ��� City manager, super athletic, determined to always be the best, expecting his first child
April Ludgate ��� Parks & Rec department, apathetic and dead-pan in her humor
Bill Dexhart ��� Councilmember, running gag on the show is he is constantly being caught in a sex scandal
Jeremy Jamm ��� Sexist & racist city councilmember, dentist, opposes Leslie on every front
Jessica Wicks ��� Head of Sweetums

Plot Overview
Leslie Knope has been voted out of office on the city council, and is finishing up her term. Her last act before she has to leave is to pass a bill ensuring that her

town ��� Pawnee, IN will have fluoride added to their drinking water. Councilman Jamm ��� the local dentist, counters her bill, with another that would guarantee nothing

would ever get introduced into the water supply so that the townspeople will get more cavities ��� increasing traffic to his dental practice. He tells the public that

Leslie���s bill would introduce dangerous chemicals into their water. Tom, Leslie���s right-hand man helps out and rebrands fluoride into TDazzle. Jamm then partners up

with Sweetums ��� the local candy factory-conglomerate to turn all of the city���s water into sugar-based water. Leslie calls out Sweetums, criticizing their absurd plan

which prompts the company to fire her husband, Ben. In an effort to help him get his job back, Leslie agrees to public apologize, but in a last-ditch effort to pass

her bill, teams up with Tom to rebrand fluoride into something that the public will appreciate.
Subplots ��� Ron Swanson teaches Chris Traeger how to build a crib for his unborn child.
-��April Ludgate, Donna Meagle, Jerry/Larry Gergich, and Craig Middlebrooks notice that some of the dogs in Animal Control resemble their friends and coworkers. In an

attempt to pair everyone up with their dog, April chooses a dog for Donna that shows she knows very little about her friend. April dedicates her time trying to find

Donna���s perfect dog match.


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