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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Activists and their targets

Activists and their targetsFor this assignment, pick a for-profit company that recently has been publicly target by activist (i.e. you find news coverage or other evidence, such as the activist
group’s website, that a specific activist group has been publicly criticizing this company).

In a paper of no more than three double-spaced pages
· Give the name of the company and a paragraph on the business it’s in and a little bit of history about the company
· Give the name of the activist group and the issue the group has addressed publicly with the company you’ve selected
· What has been the company’s response to the pressure from the activist group Which of the four models of communication is the company using ( press
agentry, public information, two-way asymmetrical or two-way symmetrical)
· Based on your readings in the CSR text and our class discussion/lectures, whose side, as an ethical and transparent communicator, do you find to be more
compelling Why
· If you were in charge of CSR and corporate communications for this company, what would you recommend the company do, at this particular moment in time, to
address the issues raised by the activists. Remember, great corporate communication counselors not only recommend what the company should say, but also what it should
· What kind of proactive issues management could the company have done to ward off this activism/address the activists’ concerns
· Be sure to cite your sources properly, using AP style


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