how can unconscious processing influence our perception of an item? Be sure to support your opinions with specific terms and theories from the readings
August 21, 2018
Compare and contrast at least two different kinds of caregivers (e.g., stay at home parent, daycare, grandparent, nanny) and the positive and/or negative impacts on development during infancy and early childhood.
August 21, 2018

African American Studies Racism-A History: The Colour of Money

African American Studies Racism-A History: The Colour of Money
Project description
?What is the main idea, point of the documentary?
Discuss some of the methods that the owners of slaves used to justify treating blacks as less than human.
?Several ancient works that were used to justify slavery were discussed in the documentary. Choose one of these works and describe how the work was interpreted as it relates to this type of justification.
?Write about one of the philosopher or ancient thinker discussed in the video. Summarize their viewpoints as is presented in the video. What would be your interpretation of it?!
?Discuss any additional critical knowledge you gained from watching this documentary.
Using the link above write the essay and include the above questions and answers


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