What does it take to be an effective health advocate? As a nurse, you have many opportunities to advocate for patients and populations, whether formally or informally.
March 24, 2020
The PBS children program Sesame Street is well-known for providing cultural and educational fun shows to teach children about social issues, basic concepts, and self-awareness.
March 24, 2020

Answer the questions based on the reading

For this assignment, please read the reading which I uploaded on additional materials, and consider the following three questions:

1. What was the Columbian Exchange? What, in brief, was ‘exchanged’ between Eurasia and the Americas?

2. How did the Columbian Exchange benefit the European empires? Discuss TWO ways in which the Columbian Exchange was a benefit to European empires. Why was the Columbian Exchange so devastating to indigenous nations in the Americas?

3. Discuss one way in which the Columbian Exchange shaped cultures in EITHER Africa OR East Asia.



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