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The Art and Science of Leadership

Resources: The Art and Science of Leadership, Ch. 3 (The Art and Science of Leadership, 7th Edition (Pearson) by Afsaneh Nahavandi ) and Leadership Theories Matrix

As a leader, you often need to display or clarify a concept. A matrix is a grid that contains information and offers a visual model of ideas. For this assignment, you will create a matrix that explains leadership theories.

Research the following five leadership theories and include these in your matrix (use the matrix template provided):

· Trait theories of leadership

· Behavioral theories of leadership

· Contingency models of leadership

· Skills approaches to leadership

· Situational methods of leadership

Develop the definition and characteristics of various leadership theories and approaches to leadership (trait leadership, behavioral leadership, contingency leadership, skills leadership and situational leadership).

Provide one or more examples to support the definition or characteristics of each form of leadership.

Write out your explanations in each section using about 375words for each section on the attached Leadership Theories Matrix Form.

Cite two references (one of which should be from Chapter 3 of the text book: The Art and Science of Leadership, 7th Edition (Pearson) by Afsaneh Nahavandi )


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