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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018



Fall 2016

Assignment Number 9

Due Wednesday, November 16

The New American University

This is an individual assignment. ELECTRONICsubmittal is encouraged, but please label the file in the appropriate manner (e.g., Name_ASU 101_Assignment 8 ). Legible hard copy is OK.

1. What are the eight design aspirations of the New American University

2. Which of the design aspiration of the New American Unviersity is most IMPORTANT to you, and why (submit a writtena nswer and be prepared to discuss in class

3. What three design aspirations do you think relate most closely to civil engineering, and why (One of them can be the one noted in response to question 2, but it doesn t have to be).

4. Describe three ways in which a civil or environmental engineer can be socially embedded in the community. Describe two additional ways a University can be socially embedded..

5. Give three examples of global engagement activities at ASU.


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