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February 8, 2018
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Changing the Culture at British Airways

Changing the Culture at British Airways
follow the steps below. ” each steps should be done as what it said below”
grammar are taken seriously by grading.
points will be lose if not following the instruction.
References are not needed, unless taken from a source other than the textbook.

“written case analysis of: Changing the Culture at British Airways”

o 12 pt font
o Double spaced
Maximum 1 inch margins •
Content (Four major content areas beginning with its own section heading):
• Background
o History of the organization including:
Why did British Airways need to change
What was happening in the industry
• Change Initiatives
o What were the change initiatives, specifically:
What were the key actions taken
What was the sequence of these actions
• Change Management Issues:
o Discussion of whether the actions taken were appropriate including:
What was the impact associated with these actions
What were the risks associated with these actions
• Recommendations
o What would you do differently to improve the effectiveness of the change process, including:
Would you add or eliminate any initiative (and why)
Would you change the timing of any initiative (and why)
Anything else you think would improve the effectiveness of the change process.

Note: The four sections of the paper should be approximately equal in length.


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