The impact of language variety and expertise on perceptions of online political discussions
January 31, 2018
Material account balances and the audit committee
January 31, 2018

Communication in policing powerpoint

Communication in policing power point

Create a 15 to-20 slide PowerPoint or Presi presentation based on this week’s Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice podcast, and the readings in Chapter 8.  Answer the following questions:

How have police communicated with the public in the past and how it has affected the public’s perception of public safety?

How can police better communicate with the public to better affect the public’s perception of public safety?

What are some ways managers in LE communicate with their workers?

What are the three express purposes of communication in the LE organization?

How can managers better communicate with their subordinates in the LE organization?

How do agencies communicate LE information to each other?

What are the communications challenges facing criminal justice agencies?

What are some ways agencies can better share information so that communication barriers?

Discuss the case study on page 298, and provide ways that could prevent something like that from happening again.

Provide APA formatted citations.

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