Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Community Intervention Project – Marijuana Use

The purpose of this assignment is to gain insight into the components and application of theory in community
prevention programming. I want you to interview at least six people and one NGO (Non Governmental
Organization) or GO (Governmental Organization). You can choose any of the following health behaviors:
Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity, Tobacco Use, Substance Abuse (alcohol or other drugs),
Responsible Sexual Behavior, Mental Health, Injury and Violence.
1.Follow these guidelines for the Individual Interviews:
Select a behavior; the perspective can be either positive or negative e.g., smoker v nonsmoker; exerciser v
nonexerciser, etc.
Recruit at least six interviewees as close to one another demographically as possible e.g., sex, race, age. It
would be best that the interviewees NOT be your close friends; acquaintances or folks you don t know are best.
Ask and record in writing answers to these questions:
How old were you when you started this behavior
Describe the factors that influenced you starting this behavior.
What are the factors that keep you engaged in this behavior
How frequently do you engage in this behavior in the past week, two weeks, 30 days, six months
What would it take for you to change this behavior (ask only if the behavior is negative)
Do you expect to be engaged in this behavior in the next six months Add your own questions
2.Follow these guidelines for the NGO/GO Interview.
Contact a local, state, national or international non governmental or government agency to determine if they
have a prevention program addressing your health behavior above.
Introduce yourself as public health graduate student from UNTHSC. Offer my contact information if the
agency would like to ask questions about what we are doing.
Ask to speak with the person responsible for the program that is addressing your behavior of interest. It is
possible that you will have to keep searching agencies to locate one that is delivering prevention programming
that addresses your behavior of interest. Agencies include local health departments, state health departments,
federal health agencies and NGOs such as American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American
Lung Association, March of Dimes, Planned Parenthood, American Red Cross etc. See (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) for
more organizations.
Provide the agency contact with a background description of your task: I am interested in learning more about
the theory you have selected to inform the prevention program you are implementing to address ____________
(insert behavior).
Questions to pose:i. Why did you select this program ii. Did you develop it or was it an off the shelf program
from another group or agency iii. What theory undergirds or shapes the program iv. Why was that theory
selected over others
Of the constructs that comprise the theory, are all of them being used or just select constructs
Have modifications been made to the program since you started implementing it If so, why
What have your evaluations informed you about the program s effectiveness
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Ask any additional questions that come to mind
Write the summary paper of the individuals and NGO/GO interviews using the following format: (please do not
worry about the paper length just respond to the outline below)
Avoid writing in first person e.g., I
Describe the behavior, its role as a leading health indicator and its epidemiologic profile
Summarize your individual interviewee results and do not request or record the name or other personal
identifier of the interviewees. What themes if any emerged What theory or theories and related constructs
(pieces and parts that make up the theory) do you believe best fit your interview data (this analysis is very
What prevention recommendations would you make based on your findings
How do your prevention recommendations match what the literature advocates (Links
to an external site.)
Summarize what you learned from the NGO/GO interview What theory or theories and related constructs
(pieces and parts that make up the theory) did the program adopt
How closely does their program match with the best evidence (Links to an external
What evidence have they gathered and analyzed regarding their program s effect (what outcome are they
desiring to impact )
What have you learned What relationships exist between the individuals interviews and NGO/GO interview
What do you recommend
I have attached what I wrote so far with my interview answers. A lot of the paper needs to be paraphrased
because it’s not in my own words. That’s why I’m trying to get a paper written. However you can take what you
need from my paper draft.
I’ve also attached 2 sample papers written by other students that did very well last semester.


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