Describe your experience(s) writing the cover letter including the ways in which you may have attempted to manipulate the reader to get the best response. Analyze and describe any ethical issues that could be associated with this process
February 1, 2018
Why can some people use drugs without any addiction issues while other people become dependent upon those substances?
February 1, 2018

The Components of HR Planning and Technology"

The Components of HR Planning and Technology” Please respond to the following:
Human Resources has faced and continues to face an assortment of changes within its own functions. As a result, careful planning is needed to establish changes that involve technology and automation. Imagine you work for an organization with 1,500 employees that currently only has a database and no other automated HR functions because the Vice President of HR states that the business is too small to require additional automated functions. Put together a plan for an HR department to increase its use of automated HR functions. Be sure to build your business case and incorporate the HRIS needs analysis in to your discussion.


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