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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

CP 450 the job campaign

Position Overview, Resume & References AssignmentYour Task:
To develop a comprehensive job search correspondence package including a job description, cover letter, resume, and reference page. There are multiple tasks involved in looking for a career-related job experience. The following is a list of the tasks that are involved in creating your job search correspondence:
1) Locate a job listing or position description in which you have an interest and for which you are or will soon be qualified
2) Develop your Resume. Use class discussion and handouts as resource tools
3) Develop a List of References
Process Stages for the Assignment:
1. Locate & Review a job listing or position for which you are interested and qualified.

2. Develop and write a resume with your job description in mind. Focus on your past skills, experiences, and classes (you can include your high school years if needed and appropriate). Your resume must include factual information. Do not “make up” information to support the job description. This resume should be an actual document that you could send out to a potential employer.

3. Develop a Reference Page. Identify at least 3 people who are willing to serve as a reference for you. Remember to request permission from your references.

Grading Criteria:
• Appropriate job listing for your level of experience and education
• Quality of resume that clearly reflects your education, abilities and interests in the specific job (clearly stated information, relevant experience listed in order of importance to your objective)
• List of appropriate references with applicable contact information


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