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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

Create a memo for security controls and counter measures

A small LLP consisting of a group of private investigators is headed by one of your friends. The partnership has a small office with one server and six workstations. Additionally, the partnership hosts its own website where it allows clients to log in and enter their case information. You suspect that the site may be lacking fundamental security and information safeguards.
During the past few weeks, staff members have noticed that the workstations are running sluggishly, and they routinely get advertisements on their computers when they are not on the Internet. Investigators routinely download and install programs and plug-ins from the Internet. However, the computers are not kept up-to-date with operating system patches or software patches for other installed software programs and plug-ins.
Lastly, there have been several complaints from clients that the company website has been unavailable or has timed out. Recently, the website was completely deleted and the homepage read, “You’ve been hacked.” Fortunately, the website was able to be restored from a backup.
You have been asked by your friend to assist the group with its various security challenges by analyzing the threats the LLP faces.
A. Outline the top five threats to each of the following in the given scenario:
1. The server
2. The workstations
3. The website
B. Create a memo (suggested length of 2 pages) in which you do the following:
1. Evaluate the likelihood of the threats discussed in part A.
2. Recommend security controls and counter measures that should be instituted to mitigate these threats.


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