Cross-Cultural & Global Marketing Case Studies
June 21, 2017
Internet privacy reports and internet privacy presentation slide
June 21, 2017

Creating presentations and other multimedia supplements

Question: Message Strategies: Completing a Résumé, Creating presentations and other multimedia supplements can be a great way to expand on the brief overview that a résumé provides.
Your task: Starting with any version of a résumé that you’ve created for yourself, create a PowerPoint presentation that expands on your résumé information to give potential employers a more complete picture of what you can contribute. Include samples of your work, testimonials from current or past employers and colleagues, videos of speeches you’ve made, and anything else that tells the story of the professional “you.” If you have a specifijob or type of job in mind, focus your presentation on that. Otherwise, present a more general picture that shows why you would be a great employee for any company to consider. Be sure to review the information from Chapter 14 about creating professional-quality presentations.


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