June 21, 2017
Aspects of greek and roman culture including religion
June 21, 2017

Describe the concepts and logic of elementary statistics

Course Description (Catalog)
This course is designed to provide a basic survey of the application, empirical use and interpretation of a variety of statistics methods used in the social sciences. A key objective of the course is the instruction in best statistical practice through the use, exploration and analysis of empirical data. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and interpreting the meaning of statistics.
The practical aspects of statistics are emphasized and students are instructed in the use of the standard statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) which is widely used in the social sciences and the in labor force. This course is part of a series including SOCI 331 Research Methods for the Social Sciences and SOCI 332 Statistics for the Social Sciences.
Course Scope
The student will develop an ability to use sociological concepts, theory, and research to think critically and act intelligently in interactions with (and observations of) individuals, groups, institutions, and societies.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
CO1- Describe and apply the concepts and logic of elementary statistics.
CO2- Conduct statistical analysis in SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).
CO3- Compare and contrast different types of data and the statistics that can be used to analyze them
CO4- Examine the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics and their use in the social sciences.
CO5- Form critical interpretations of quantitative research literature in sociology and other social sciences.
CO6- Complete and interpret descriptive and inferential statistical data analysis
CO7- Develop a research project from conceptualizing a research problem and develop a number of complementary design, measurement, and data collection approaches to bring evidence to bear on the problem.
CO8- Critically evaluate the quality of research design and evidence in published social research.
– SPSS (more details under Welcome Announcements in the Sakai classroom)
– Microsoft Office Applications- Word, Power Point (these can be downloaded free of charge from your student email account)
– Screencast-o-matic or similar program
Evaluation Procedures
Participation in classroom dialogue on threaded Forums is required. Forums are scheduled weekly and found in the Forums tab in the classroom. Specific instructions and the grading rubric are located on each Forum.
SOCI332 Late Policy
Per the Student Handbook, APUS classrooms operate the Eastern Time Zone/Eastern Daylight Time. All due dates and times are based on the Eastern Time Zone/Eastern Daylight Time. Students are expected to submit work by the posted due date and to complete the course according to the published class schedule. As adults and working professionals, time management skills are essential and expected. Work ahead when possible in case something unexpected comes up on a due date.
If you wait until a due date and life happens (illness, internet outage, vacation, forget, other work and family priorities, etc.), the class is designed so some late work is accepted, for partial or full credit, as detailed below. Please note: you cannot “catch up” your past due homework without instructor’s prior authorization. Any “catch up” homework without instructor’s prior authorization will NOT be graded.
Initial posts accepted late but due during the learning week for partial credit.
Peer responses are due during the learning week and are not accepted late for credit
Accepted up to three days late for partial credit, 10% tardiness penalty per day (30% total). For day four after the due date, it is an automatic “0.”
Rare emergency circumstances need to be discussed with the Instructor and documentation may be required. As needed, the instructor will refer students to the appropriate support office such as the Disability Office, Registrar, or Chaplain. Per the Student Handbook, work must be submitted by the end of the course. This means that for Week 8, late Assignments and Forums are not accepted unless the student has an approved course extension.


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