When you think of “Data Analytics” what are the top 3 things you think of? What are some of the ethical questions or concerns that come to mind when talking about data analytics?
January 14, 2018
Bus 325 Assignment 1: Culture
January 14, 2018

Developing and Managing Multi-Cultural Teams


As the diversity manager of a global company, you have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of understanding multi-cultural teams in the workplace. However, you know that some of the managers struggle with developing and managing multicultural teams in your company. There seems to be a need for company-wide information and training on the topic of “Developing and Managing Multi-Cultural Teams.”  You decide to prepare a training handout for the next managers’ meeting, that emphasizes the following points: ◦Dimensions of a multi-cultural team ◦Discrimination laws and their impact on managing a multi-cultural team ◦Affirmative action programs and their impact on managing a multi-cultural team ◦Building an inclusive culture within the team ◦Challenges of managing a multi-cultural team ◦Recommendations for improving communications within a multi-cultural team ◦Modeling and leading diversity acceptance and change  Prepare a six to eight-page Word document as a training handout for managers, addressing each of the points listed.  Include an executive summary and conclude by summarizing your handout by describing three important concepts you learned while researching this topic.  Use at least three resources in addition to your textbook to justify your responses. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work.


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