Describe the four basic elements of strategic management
June 21, 2017
Discuss financial management in non profit organizations
June 21, 2017

Discuss one u.s. law that supports ethical decision-making

Answer with reference included please, and should be answered with 200 or more words… Please use word count. EACH QUESTION SOULD BE ANSWERED SEPARATELY….
Discussion 1.
a. Discuss one U.S. law that supports ethical decision-making and explain how self-awareness of the law fits your personal belief system about informatics in health care delivery during a mass casualty or disaster communications crisis.
b. Explain one moral dilemma that would affect your ethical decision-making during a disaster and how you plan to control for personal bias.
Discussion 2.
a. Explain one way to assess how to educate the public and consumers on privacy, security, access to and maintenance of personal health records (PHRs), requirements and legalities that includes a research method to control for biased thinking.
b. Compare disaster communication and information response designs including recovery plans for data and service delivery. Choose one design that would protect electronic and personal health record data and debate why the design provides the best protection against data loss during a health information system failure.
Discussion 3.
a. Research moral dilemmas that affect the health information leader in service delivery emergencies and in daily practice and explain how ethics, moral dilemmas, laws, and philosophy affect decision-making in the health information profession that may or may not cause unintended informatics outcomes.
b. Explain the difference between health information patient privacy and confidentiality including which construct is more important during a disaster and why.


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