Describe how the technologies work to provide patients and providers with data necessary for health care decision making.
August 16, 2018
What might be some treatment options you could pursue to alleviate symptoms of Hoarding disorder?
August 16, 2018

Discuss the history of nursing knowledge and the development of nursing theories

Discuss the history of nursing knowledge and the development of nursing theories

Students will provide an informative response for the corresponding question using provided articles or any theory textbook (must reference)

Responses should be single spaced and follow APA format which includes an expectation that posting will be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, and with an explanation of abbreviation. The postings must include in-text citations and references.

-Sample Articles for discussion questions:
– you can use any peer reviewed article

– any theory book

Carrington, J. M. (2012). Development of a conceptual framework to guide a program of research
exploring nurse-to-nurse communication. Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 30(6), 296-299.

Doane, G. H., & Varcoe, C. (2008). Knowledge translation in everyday nursing: From evidencebased
to inquiry-based practice. Advances in Nursing Science, 31(4), 283-295.

Im, E., & Chang, S. J. (2012). Current trends in nursing theories. Journal of Nursing Scholarship,44(2), 156-164.

Rawnsley, M. M. (1998). Ontology, epistemology, and methodology: A clarification. Nursing Science Quarterly, 11(2), 2-4.

Ray, M. A. (1998). Complexity and nursing science. Nursing Science Quarterly, 11(91).

Reed, P. G. (1997). Nursing: The ontology of the discipline. Nursing Science Quarterly, 10(2), 76-

Reed, P. G. (2006). The practice turn in nursing epistemology. Nursing Science Quarterly, 19(1),


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