Principles of Account II
June 21, 2017
Discuss how psychological theory contributed to prosecution
June 21, 2017

Discuss the united states innovation and advantage

United States Innovation and Advantage
Some academics and business leaders have started to believe that the innovation advantage the United States has traditionally enjoyed has begun to erode. They cite the intense focus on developing innovation in emerging economies and in established economies in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, as well as the continued erosion of factors such as educational attainment in the United States.
Others argue that the United States has a cultural advantage over many of these countries that drives innovation and will help the United States sustain this advantage for many years to come.
Discuss your view on whether or not the United States is beginning to lose its innovation advantage and cite the evidence on which you base your view, with examples of organizations that have lost their advantage. Also, consider those who pivoted and remained relevant and maintained their innovative edge.


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