The most popular way for international expansion is for a local firm to acquire foreign companies. One of the most benefits for international expansion is global distribution capability that helps expanding the market share.
December 29, 2017
Students should understand corporate risk and be able to use the financial models learned in the class to evaluate and calculate a company’s weighted average cost of capital and use the analysis to make company investment decisions
December 30, 2017

Discuss three activities in the strategic management process and define why it is important for managers to recognize the interdependent of these activities

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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to apply research on organizational structures and design, and to explore the relationship of culture to change in human resource management.

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Week 4 Learning Team Collaborative Activity; Exploring Management: Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9

Note: There are two parts to this assignment. The first part consists of a Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation focusing on organizational culture and management processes. The second part of the assignment is a communication plan in which the manager must send to all stakeholders regarding the layoff of staff.

Part I

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes on each slide in which you address the following:

·  Identify the importance of human resource management.

·  Analyze the relationship of organizational culture to change.

·  Discuss three activities in the strategic management process and define why it is important for managers to recognize the interdependent of these activities.

Part II 

Create a manager’s communication plan of at least 1,050 informing the stakeholders of your organization that 1,500 employees will be laid off.

Include the following in your communication plan:

·  Explain why the change in staffing must take place and its impact on all stakeholders.

·  Identify key trends, assumptions, and risks in the context of your communication plan. As you develop them, consider the vision, mission, and values for your business.

·  Prepare SWOTT analysis of your organization.

Cite at least two peer reviewed references, one may be your textbook and at least one must come from the University Library.

Format your presentation consistent with APA Guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as two separate documents.


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