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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Diversity Journal

Complete the diversity journals that begin in the textbook s appendix. When you turn in your journal, YOU MUST INDICATE HOW MANY JOURNAL ENTRIES YOU COMPLETED AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

Worth: 100 points, 10 points each


You must complete 10 of the journals for the 100 diversity journal points or fewer for partial points. Additional journals above ten will not count for extra points.
The length of each journal should be two complete paragraphs where you reflect on the topic/question that relates to each chapter. Points will be deducted if this length requirement is not met. A paragraph is three to four complete sentences.
This is to be turned in utilizing the journal questions found in the textbook or at the bottom of this page. Please indicate which chapter you are answering as this allows me to clearly know which journal is being discussed.
It is best to complete each chapter journal when you finish reading each chapter that way they don t pile up. But, do not send them until you have completed them all.
Please submit all journal entries together and not one at a time.

For the journals you complete, points will be deducted for the following:
If you don t reflect on the topic
If you don t write the required two paragraphs per journal
If what you are writing is not understandable or readable.

You will not receive extra points if you complete more than 10.


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