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May 12, 2016
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May 12, 2016

Do essay writing testimonials really matter?

All essay writing companies have one thing in common, they have a testimonials link. One of the questions that customers ask themselves is whether or not the testimonials are real or not. The answer to this question can be answered from several perspectives. The truth, however, is that not all essay writing testimonials are credible and so should never be trusted. One of the reasons why you should never trust testimonials is because they are not necessarily written by customers. Some of the testimonials posted in some essay writing companies’ websites are custom-made with an aim of attracting customers. These kinds of testimonials are not to be trusted.

There is another category of essay writing testimonials which are not to be trusted, and these are edited testimonials. Edited custom essay writing testimonials are those written by customers but restructured to suit an essay writing company’s interests. These testimonials are of two categories, there are those written by customers but edited before posting and there are those written by customers but they never get to be posted because they are completely against what new customers would like to see. This category of essay writing testimonials is to be avoided at all costs.

There is, however, a category of testimonials written by customers and posted on “as is” basis. These are the kind of testimonial that you should trust. It is not possible for an essay writing company to get positive feedback from its customers all the time. The truth is that this never happens. Even the best essay writers make mistakes. These mistakes can never get positive feedback. A testimonials list that contains both positive and negative feedbacks is worth trusting. Students, or customers for that matter, know what they want and cannot be won by testimonials. Do essay writing testimonials really matter? Look for solid evidence when choosing your custom essay writing company but not testimonials.


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