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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Do you think the Supreme Court acts as a counter majoritarian institution? What is the impact of public opinion on the court?

Supreme court term paper

The assignment is posted dictating the essay question to be answered within 5 pages (do not sugarcoat with extensive spaces and citaion page does not count within the reuired 5 pages) and must use the 3 included readings as sources of information. ONLY THESE 3 MUST be used to properly answer the essay question, NO OUTSIDE source. Properly cite and APA forma. DO NOT PLAGERISM NOR COPY & PASTE…I’ve had issues with writers who’s done this. Do not waste either of our time.

Essay question:
The Howard Gilman’s article reveals how political parties use the Courts to advance their policy goals. Similarly, the McGuire and Caldeira’s paper discloses how professional lawyers and organized interests act as critical agents in the process of building the Supreme Court’s agenda. In light of these two articles and the Mishler and Sheehan’s paper, please answer these questions: Do you think the Supreme Court acts as a counter majoritarian institution What is the impact of public opinion on the court

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document iconpol_235_final_assignment_question_1.docx
application/pdf iconorganized_interestes_and_agenda_setting_in_the_supreme_court.pdf
application/pdf iconthe_supreme_court_as_a_countermajoritarian_institution_the_impact_of_public_opinion_on_supreme_court_decisions_mishler_sheehan.pdf
application/pdf iconhow_political_parties_can_use_the_courts_to_advance_their_agendas_federal_courts_in_the_us_1857_1891_gillman.pdf
application/pdf iconapsr_agenda.pdf


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