What connections do you see between Zimbardo’s research and Milgram’s? How does Zimbardo go beyond Milgram’s findings?
August 24, 2018
Did the paper include suggestions from you for improvements to the current event situation? • None =0
August 24, 2018

Engineering Design

Engineering Design
You have been approached by a client to provide a design and manufacturing solution for a custom workbench.
The workbench must satisfy a range of client imposed design constraints and therefore you will be required to ensure that a specific design process is followed.
(The client imposed design constraints have been justified, I will state them below as the need to be achieved in accordance with this design constraints)
client imposed design constraints:
1. The product (workbench) can be made out of any kind of wood, as long as the product is adequate for heavy duties.
2. The workbench should has three drawers, space where hand tools can be placed and space to fix a vice.
3.The required dimensions for the workbench in variable of the following: length (180cm – 200cm), width (80cm – 100cm), thickness (70mm – 100mm) and height must be 90cm.
4. The required quantity of the product is (2) and the total cost of (1) item should not be more £550.
[1.1] Use three techniques to develop design solutions for the required product(carpentry workbench). Thesetechniques do not have to be finished concepts. Demonstrate how these techniques revolve around the satisfaction of the client imposed design constraints.
[1.2]Produce three different concept routes and evaluate their effectiveness in satisfying the customer requirements. Highlight their key attributes.
Note: Task [1.1] & [1.2] should be achieved in accordance with the red instructions above (client imposed design constraints) and taking in account the specifications mentioned.


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