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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

entrepreneurial behaviours and practices play in today’s business economy

Individual assignment task
Write a 3000 word assignment which answers the following:
‘Critically assess the role that entrepreneurial behaviours and practices play in today’s business economy. Make particular reference to your own organisational role (Commercial Finance Manager), and where appropriate to your aspirations for the future’ (Finance Director)
Assessment criteria
Is the assignment produced in an appropriate format Is it clearly structured, including a bibliography and accurate referencing (10%)
Does the assignment link to relevant theories and models drawing on relevant literature (30%)
Does the assignment analyse as opposed to simply describe current business practices (25%)
Is there a critical awareness of the relevant benefits and limitations of entrepreneurial behaviours and practices and in relation to the implications for organisational performance and including own context (25%)
Are conclusions both future and practically orientated (10%)
Submission date and instructions
You must follow the ‘Assignment Presentation and Submission Requirements’ in presenting your work (including double spacing) and following the guidelines on Referencing and Citation.


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