Analyze the top-management structure, investigate and enumerate the code of ethics (written or not written), and explain the ethical stance of all stakeholders involved in the organization.
January 16, 2018
“How Barbie Lost her Groove,” by Nash and Duvall (2005). Compose a persuasive response that includes the following elements:
January 16, 2018

Examine your own personality by completing a personality test

Unit III Project

Examine your own personality by completing a personality test using the following site: Reflecting on your own personality, respond to this project in an essay, addressing each item below. Include research from at least one scholarly source from the CSU Online Library to support your responses.

 Describe how emotional intelligence and understanding personality types are important for developing relationships.

 Examine the extent to which you believe that personality profiles can help to reduce workplace conflicts.

 Describe personality types of coworkers that cause personality conflicts for you based on your own personality assessment.

 Describe a time you experienced a personality conflict, and discuss how you addressed it.


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