Do moms who attend support groups following pregnancy have lower rates of postpartum depression compared to moms who do not?
August 14, 2018
QIs highlight potential quality concerns, identify areas that need further study and investigation, and track changes over time.
August 14, 2018

Explain developmentally appropriate counseling considerations.

Imagine that your team works at a family counseling agency, and you have been tasked with developing an informational brochure regarding the different developmental stages. Create a 6-panel brochure or pamphlet with information on your instructor-assigned developmental stage. Include the following: Provide the demographic considerations for the population. Describe the significant developmental milestones and competencies according to the main developmental theorists, including Piaget and Erikson. Describe the developmental challenges faced. Explain developmentally appropriate counseling considerations.  Describe the developmentally appropriate counseling approaches. Include a minimum of two to four additional professional resources beyond the text.]]>


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