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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

Explain role that immigration has played in history of us

TOPIC: Appraise the role that immigration has played in the history the United States since 1876, explaining how government regulations and popular support have changed up until 1930.
What topics can be examined?
Two levels
What topics can be examined?
First level (Pick One)
• Labor for economic growth •Cultural contributions •Participation in the American Dream, Civil Rights? •Others Second Level (Pick One Second Level and apply to First Level Topic). •Government Regulation •Popular Support
How many topical paragraphs?
Second level
•Labor and government regulation •Labor and popular support Be sure to specify the immigrant groups – Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics (Mexican, Puerto Rican), East and Southern Europeans
The challenge is to focus the essay while including the immigrant role, government or popular support, and the different immigrant groups.


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