Emergence of islam in the seventh century
June 21, 2017
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August 14, 2017

Explain tenet of greek philosophy reflected in modern world

Choose the specific example of life in Ancient Greece or Hellenic world which you think illustrates clear break from cultures we studied in last two weeks. Let government, art, philosophy and anything else which you run across. Tell us about that example and how it varies from world and values of Mesopotamia, Egypt and other ancient civilizations around globe. (Make sure to watch BBC presentation on sculpture in MyArtsLab before replying this question.)
Explain one way that you see particular tenet of Greek philosophy reflected in modern worldview you live in. 19th century poet, Percy Shelley said, “We are all Greeks,” as he was so in awe of significant influence of Ancient Greeks on our cultural “destiny.” What do you believe he meant by this statement? Give one example of way Greek culture still survives in 21st century life. (Keep in mind that without Greek Idea, we might have had 2,000 or more years of Mesopotamians and Egyptians…Not to mention that First Chinese Emperor.)


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