Frequently Asked Questions

1What is
Assignment Hub is a Premium Custom Writing Service dedicated to helping students with their academic work. We are the world's number one online source for professional custom essay writing.
2What writing services do you offer?
We offer a wide range of writing services including Term papers, Research papers, Nursing Coursework, Dissertations, Book reviews, Thesis among many others.
3How do I get started?
To get started, click the Place Order button on the top navigation menu and order your custom paper. We help you by providing you an example of what your final paper should look like. You give us the requirements of what you’re looking for and we deliver a crystal clear example paper.
4What are the qualifications of your writers?
All of our writers hold at the very least an MA although, majority have their Ph.Ds.
5Why does your service seem expensive?
Our company is a dedicated writing and editing service that caters individually, to each and every one of our clients, to make sure that they receive exactly what they ordered at a level they expect. Although we do have a website allowing you to order online 24/7, you can always visit our offices whenever you want to address something specific. We have a walk-in service that allows customers to visit us at our office and order from us face-to-face if they so choose. Some students like to bring in their own research and textbooks. We know of some companies online that may offer similar services and may seem cheaper. However, they do not offer the customized care and extended services you can expect at Essay Experts Inc. Many of the writing services available online “exist” only in cyberspace, and do not give you the added attention and guarantee of reliability that you need to feel comfortable with the service. At Essay Experts Inc. you can expect a degree of service that is uncommon in this industry. You can visit us again and again as our office is always open during office hours, and online 24-hours a day.
6How fast can your service deliver a top quality document?
Our mission has always been to help everyone and anyone who needs help, either by editing their documents or in drafting one from scratch. This is where our speed advantage comes in - we'll deliver your document on your schedule. We understand that you have your own deadlines and that is why we don't leave things to chance. Every writer has been trained to deliver top quality service at a pace that is uncommon in the industry. We only work with the best in the business and this is evident when you receive your document. We can deliver original text or an edited document within 24 hours if that is what you request.
7Can I bring you my books, texts, and notes?
Yes, you can definitely provide us with course books, texts, and notes. Don’t forget to let us know exactly how you want us to include the references and what format is required. Through our experience, references have been a source of many revisions.
8How does your service compare to other services online?
We all know that it is so easy to set up a website today that almost any teenager can design an apparently bona fide online business. What differentiates us from our competition is our overall commitment to our clients. Our business depends on repeat clientele and referrals. We're not here for just a matter of weeks or months. We are in this business to stay, and we treat every client as if they are our most important.
9How do you help students?
We provide first-class service to any student who needs an edge in today's competitive academic environment. We can edit your essay or we can custom write one for you from scratch. Every custom essay we write is meant to be used as an example, so that you can write your own with ours as a guide.
10How long does it take?
Depending on the level and difficulty of your work it varies from 1 to 7 days. Just let us know if it is a rush project and we will see how we can accommodate you.
11Is the information I give you about myself confidential?
Every bit of information we get from our clients is kept absolutely confidential. We have made significant investments to ensure our online security as well. Our policy is to not reveal any private information – such as your name or business – we don't resell your information to any third party.
12I'm a professor at a university and believe students use your service to cheat
We provide services to help students shore up the loose ends in their own research or give them a model to follow when writing their own essays. Our purpose is not to help students cheat but rather to help them so they can connect the dots themselves and write that great essay that every professor longs to read amid the endless verbiage they must sift through when marking essays.
13If you don't follow my requirements can I get a revision?
For a limited time after you receive your document, it's easy to request a revision. Just click on the revision button on the right of your screen when you enter your mailbox and request a revision. Make sure to describe exactly what requirements we failed to follow so that we can make the appropriate changes and resend your document as quickly as possible.
14How am I supposed to use the custom essay I purchased?
The custom essay you purchase from us is supposed to be used just like any research article or book you would find at a library.
15What kind of quality can I expect?
The quality of work is always at university-level English for our academic service, or at the equivalent professional level for our business and technical services. The effort we put into every document is always our top priority. We care very deeply about the quality we deliver in every document we write, as a significant portion of our business is based on return customers and referrals. We won't stop until you are happy.


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  • Research papers
  • Nursing Coursework
  • Dissertations
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