write about badge cams on police officers. Incorporate chapter 6 (HR CHAPTER) and chapter 7(ETHICS CHAPTER). Is the badge cam good or bad?
March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020


Firearms fundamentally take the form of a tube, which is known as the barrel. The barrel is closed at one end.
A chemical compound, known as gunpowder is used to propel a projectile called a Bullet. What happens to the
projectile once the gun powder is ignited?
All pistols that fires metallic cartridges are called? Explain this type of firearm, its major components, and how
it works.
All pistols share a number of similar functioning components, which includes a triggering mechanism that
releases a spring-powered hammer or striker to fire the cartridge. Technically, ignition occurs as a result of the
strike of the ____pin. What is the difference between a hammer and a striker?
Safety, virtually all pistol’s actions have one or more safety mechanisms. Specific action types have a variety
of components to close and/or lock the breech.
What parts are indicated?
Make sure the sections are clearly marked with headings, and
follow the APA writing style guidelines, and should include outside citations.

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