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Friendship of brutus and cassius

Friendship of brutus and cassius
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(Discuss the friendship of Brutus and Cassius ) this is the question

To do this, read the play carefully, and use your knowledge of character to make some judgments about each of their characters, but more important, make some comments about how their personalities work together in the action that they take. You should back up your judgment[s] with a passage[s] from the text. If you get an idea from a critical essay, that’s OK, just be sure to put the idea into your own words. If you use the quotation selected by the critic, give him or her credit. Besides writing your posting, comment on the posting of another student before the week is over.

where you can find the info
Summaries are sometimes helpful with the complex plots of the plays. Here are some sources of summaries to assist you. Many students use Cliffs Notes. They are expensive and long. I fear that those who read Cliffs Notes will not read the text, so I recommend shorter summaries.

Barnes and Noble used to print a College Outline Series called “Outlines of Shakespeare’s Plays.” These outlines are only about two pages, and one book contains all of the plays. I do not know if it is still in print. I have in my notes that Harper Collins picked up the book in 1997.

Charles and Mary Lamb’s Tales From Shakespeare is a good source of summary. Published in the 19th Century, the style is different from what we commonly read today. This book does not contain all of the plays.
here is the link to the book brutus and cassius they will have to copy paste and put in the browser all of it id=J24OdarnafUC&pg=PA324&lpg=PA324&dq=charles+and+mary+lamb+tales+from+shakespeare+julius+caesar&source=bl&ots=HgRe0EG_Iq&sig=1EiIAmMUQPXiLMeYwHeuzrNiQiM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjulZa4hcnKAhVHzmMKHf8JB5sQ6AEIPjAF#v=onepage&q=charles%20and%20mary%20lamb%20tales%20from%20shakespeare%20julius%20caesar&f=false


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