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March 12, 2020
the ethical implications
March 12, 2020

Gender and sexuality

According to sociologists like Kimmel and Ehrmann, men have to constantly prove their masculinity to others, making achieving it always elusive, and proof is always suspect. First, explain how and why sociologists consider male dominance over other subordinate men and women—is not explained by biological urges, but built into society’s social institutions (family, media, education, economy) and societal rewards for appropriate gender role behavior. Use Kimmel, Maccoby, McIntosh, Wade/Marx-Ferree, or other course materials in your answer. What makes this ideology of male dominance hegemonic, as defined in this course (NO GOOGLE SEARCHES—USE CLASS LECTURES AND TEXTS). Then, reflect upon your own experience within a hierarchy of male dominance, paying close attention to intersections of other demographics relevant to your biography and who you are, such as your gender identity, sexuality, age, citizenship status, race, or other identity intersections explored in Wade/Marx-Ferree. How does your position in this hierarchy make you feel in terms of power over your life experiences thus far? How can you—on the micro-level of interactions—transform a hegemonic masculinity ideology in meaningful ways, if you want to at all?

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