analyze how educational innovations are influencing nursing education and how you, as a nurse educator, can use these innovations to create a rich learning environment for your students.
August 7, 2018
Discussion One
August 7, 2018


A. What is the aim/purpose/goal of the study? Keep it simple.

B. What is the research question for this article?

C. What is/are the independent variables for this study? Again, keep it simple. PLEASE USE UPLOADED DOCUMENT TO ANSWER THE ABOVE QUESTIONS. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY AS IT IS.

D. What is/are the dependent variables for this study? Again, keep it simple.

E. What is the hypothesis for this study? Here’s the cool part: If there is no hypothesis–use your new knowledge and make one up, based on the research question/problem statement and variables. Again, keep it simple.

F. What are the implications for the research on nursing practice?

Again, keep it real short and sweet. Try and fit all of the above information in less than 250 words per article.


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