Formal Policy You will create a formal acceptable Use Policy for an organization of your choice. You will use your textbook as a guide to provide detailed information security expectations of the employees in your organization. The writing you submit must meet the following requirements: · Identify the main topic/question. · Be at least two pages. · Cover all necessary points for security policy for the organization. · Identify the main topic/question. Format your document using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism.
December 31, 2017
Project Management ( MS Project )
December 31, 2017

Global Marketing Information Systems and Market Research

Assignment Brief

Module code and title

Global Marketing Management 1

Assignment title/No.


Grading percentage


Deadline/ Hand-in

Sunday December 31, 2017 (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

Assignment Description:

Choose a local company aspiring to go global – you may choose the same brand as your midterm, or you may choose to start fresh and bring a new brand to a new marketplace.

  1. Global Marketing Information Systems and Market Research {8 marks}

a. Discuss the roles of IT, MIS, and big data in the company’s decision-making processes.

b. Describe the various sources of market information, including direct perception.

  1. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning {12 marks}

a. Identify the variables that you used to segment the chosen marketplace and give an example of each.

b. Explain the criteria that you used to choose specific markets to target.

c. Explain your choice of selected target market strategy.

d. Explain your choice of the chosen positioning strategy.

  1. Global Market-Entry Strategies: Licensing, Investment and Strategic Alliances and Importing, Exporting, and Sourcing {10 marks}

a. Select the most convenient entry mode for your brand into the new marketplace, define it and justify your choice.

b. Explain the chosen strategic moves to enter this particular marketplace with appropriate justification.

Project Learning Outcomes:

· The key concepts of globalisation and global marketing including critical evaluation and application of key tools

· The process of selecting, assessing and managing an international market portfolio

· Study the process and practice of market-entry planning and mode selection.

· Understand modern debates about the implications of globalisation

· Have an overall grasp of the international marketing process

· Show communication skills: through presentation of investigative work, debate, peer review

Tasks to be Covered:

· Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate concepts of globalisation and global marketing

· Understand how to apply key tools and methodologies

· Develop teamwork through group development of project work

· Make presentations to the group which share learning experiences and explore communication and investigative approaches through debate and peer review {10 marks}

Additional Requirements:

Cover page, and which group member did which part

Reference list and in-text citation (Harvard style), any plagiarized part will incur the responsible student to get a zero.

Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacing

To be submitted via Moodle Drop box

Referencing your work:

Harvard referencing is required when using any book, article, journal or online references in the assignment

Plagiarism and cheating:

Your attention is drawn to the University’s stated position on plagiarism. THE WORK OF OTHERS THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT MUST BE ATTRIBUTED TO ITS SOURCE (a list of references and bibliography must be submitted).

Please note that this is intended to be an individual piece of work. Ensure that you read through your work prior to submission. For some assignments you may be asked to use the University Plagiarism detection service ‘Turnitin’. Action will be taken where a student is suspected of having cheated or engaged in any dishonest practice. Students are referred to the University regulations on plagiarism and other forms of academic irregularity. Students must not copy or collude with one another or present any information that they themselves have not generated.

Assignment Submission:

Written assignments should be submitted BOTH a printed copy via Submission office and a soft copy via the module. The assignment will not be accepted by Handing in one version of the copy. Other forms of copy will be handed in as advised by the instructor in class.

Note: Late submission by one minute will be considered a one-day late submission, which will cause a loss of 10% for each day.



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