Identify and differentiate between what types of equipment Convoy Trucking may be required to purchase to transport contaminated water by intermodal.
January 1, 2018
A cultural analysis: a training package
January 1, 2018

global and Spanish wine industries, and the Colombian economy and wine market

The case presents background information on the company, global and Spanish wine industries, and the Colombian economy and wine market. The case concludes with the following questions for students to ponder: Is the Colombian opportunity the right one to begin expanding SV’s international footprint? If so, should Hackler launch with house brands, partner brands or both? And what message and media could he use to tell the SV story and make his first venture into Latin America a success? Learning objectives: (1) Foreign market attractiveness, in particular the pursuit of opportunistic growth strategies; (2) Challenges small, entrepreneurial businesses face when building brands, generating consumer awareness and interest and gaining distribution coverage; (3) Strengths and limitations of export-import business models for new market entry; (4) Market comparisons, specifically as they pertain to customer segments, target markets and product positioning strategies; (5) Message and media communications challenges in launching a new brand in a new market on a limited budget.


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