Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Globalization in India

For the 1st question the sources should be:
1. Viramma, with Racine & Racine, High and Low Castes in Karani , 2002
2. Mines and Lamb, Social Distinctions of Caste and Class and Seven Prevalent Misconceptions about India s Caste System , 2002
3. Kancha Ilaiah, Preface and Childhood Formations (Why I Am Not a Hindu: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy), 2002
4. Jai Bhim Comrade (Indian film)

For the 2nd question sources:
1. Susan Wadley, Negotiating New Rules and Values: Four Generations of Rural North Indian Women , forthcoming
2. Dadi s Family (1980; 58 mins; directors: Michael Camerini & Rina Gill)
3. Neema Kudva and Kajri Misra, Gender Quotas, the Politics of Presence, and the Feminist Project , 2008

For question 3 sources:
1. Veena Das, State, Citizenship, and the Urban Poor , 2011
2. Jeffrey Witsoe, Caste and Democratization in Postcolonial India , 2012
3. Ananya Kabir, Allegories of Alienation and Politics of Bargaining: Minority Subjectivities in Mani Ratnam s Dil Se

absolutely no plagiarism please, and this is paper submitted to UC Berkeley. okay-paper is not going to be A paper here at UCB… you don’t want to summarize about the sources, but to analyze with specific supporting details.

you don’t need to think about paper style since it’s not an essay, but answer paper. no bibliography needed

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