Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Health Research

The student will select a paper offering an in-depth investigation of current journal research on one health topic featured in the text.

The paper must include; 3 professional journal sources of data comparison presented in APA format. The student must list, within their report: the evaluation methods utilized in each study briefly outline the construct of each study, report the results of each study and overall conclusions.

Maximum grade: 25 points will be awarded for successful completion of this paper. Points will be awarded for appropriate selection of professional journal articles, points will be awarded for the outline of the study or studies reported in the three articles, points will be awarded for the student s evaluation of the study or studies presented and overall conclusions reported. (Paper 3-5 pages).


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