Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

: Healthcare Leaders use of Business Analytics to Reduce Re-hospitalizations in the Elderly


1.       Describe the conceptual and/or theoretical frameworks used by the authors in their research
See research reference list
2.       Compare and contrast how your topic relates to each of those frameworks used.
3.       which framework best applies to your topic
4.       If no article best applies to your topic find 1 or 2 other articles that apply
5.       Justify why this conceptual/theoretical framework applies to your topic area and literature search. Also ensure your chosen framework reflects your degree type.
6.       Discuss how the framework interweaves into your literature review.
7.       Assignment is 7 to 8 pages

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