Discuss specific and general deterrence as it relates to the presence of punishment and the challenges to create deterrence in today’s society; andDiscuss how risk can be increased and rewards decreased as it relates to conventional crimes and the rational choice theory.
January 19, 2018
U.S. Border Security since 9’11 Terrorists Attack
January 19, 2018

history of Terrorism

CRJ 441 Week 2 history of Terrorism

When the history of terrorism first began, it can date back to the Roman empire times. The very earliest time known terrorism organization that solely exhibited numerous aspects pertaining to the modern terrorist organization was known as the Zealots of Judea, (McEntire, D.A., 2009). This particular organization was also nick-named as the dagger-men. They were the ones to carry out an underground campaign pertaining to assassination towards the Roman forces. The Jews within this time seriously felt they had collaborated with the Romans at the time of this terrorism act.

Following this terrorism act the next group in question had to show much recognition to their characteristics pertaining to terrorism. This was a huge breakaway faction known as the Shia Islam which was also called the Nizari Ismalis; and this group had statistically adapted towards tactics pertaining to the assassinations towards their enemies, (McEntire, D.A., 2009). This occurred because of the cults having limited powers as well as less man-power in order to help and prevent the combat that was occurring. This groups leader, known as Hassam-I Sabbah, built this cult off of the mountains within the Northern Iran.


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