Explain the funding process for prevention services
June 21, 2017
explain Interface of Financial Policy and Strategic Management?
June 21, 2017

immigration assignment

The assignment for this module contains two parts. Respond to both parts of this assignment on one Word document.
1. Perform an Internet search to familiarize yourself with the map of the Middle East. Then answer the following questions:
• Which countries border Saudi Arabia?
• Which bodies of water border Saudi Arabia?
• Which countries are across the Red Sea to the west of Saudi Arabia?
• Which countries are across the Persian Gulf to the east of Saudi Arabia?
• Which countries border Afghanistan?
• Which countries border Syria?
2. After completing the readings for this module and watching the NBC Learn videos below (links are located in the Webliography), answer the following question:
What unique challenges do Muslims face in America? You can use paragraph, list, chart, drawing, or graph form to respond.
NBC Learn videos (links are located at NBCLEARN.COM):
Arabs Face Increased Racism After 9/11
Muslims in America Face Suspicion and Prejudice
Muslims Are Victims of Hate Crimes after September 11th
Oklahoma Fights Stereotypes after 9/11
Plan for Mosque at Ground Zero Is Met with Protests
Many Arabs Feel They Are Victims of Racial Profiling at Airports
Swearing In of Muslim Congressman Sparks Controversy


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