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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

Infectious disease presentation

For this presentation you will need to research a particular infectious (communicable) disease. You will then develop a presentation in order to communicate your research findings to the class. The oral presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes, which includes up to a three minute video clip & power point. The following areas should be covered in your oral presentation:
symptoms:What are the presenting symptoms of this disease? Are any of these particularly characteristic of this disease?Is this disease chronic or acute? Is it lethal or non-lethal?
causes:What is the infectious agent? Is this agent viral or bacterial? Describe the agent in detail.How does the infectious agent interact with the body? What is damaged or destroyed to cause the symptoms?What part of the body is affected by this disease? What cells or tissues?
transmission: How is this disease transmitted from host to host?Is there a vector (carrier) involved?Is there a preventative method?
population:When did this disease first emerge? Is it found more is specific parts of the world?Is there an ethnicity/ race/ gender that is at greater risk or that this disease is primarily found in?What actions are related to the spread of this disease?
treatment:How is this disease treated? What is the effectiveness of the treatments?Are there any controversial treatments? Any experimental treatments?Is there a vaccine? Antibiotics?
prognosis for the future :How is this disease likely to affect us in the future?
Is there a cure? Any research on a cure?
Your presentation should be a summary of CURRENTresearch about the disease. Any information that you may find interesting or relevant that is not specifically listed above may be included as well. You must use visual aids that will enhance your presentation. Be sure to provide references for all sources of information that are not considered common knowledge, such as statistics.


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