What ethical, moral, or legal skills, dispositions, and/or strategies would help you resolve this dilemma? Define the differences between ethical, moral, and legal leadership
January 16, 2018
Suggest two (2) of the risks and two (2) of the benefits associated with the implementation of wireless networks.
January 16, 2018

Why are you interested in engineering, particularly civil or environmental engineering?

CE111 Homework 1 – Personal Narrative

In this exercise you will write a personal narrative. The narrative is a short biography and interest

statement: who you are, where you are from, what you are currently studying in school, what you are

interested in doing when you graduate, and what interests you have outside of school.


Your narrative should be targeted for professional engineers and other professionals that you meet

during our field trips; it is never too early to start networking! Many of the individuals that you meet are

PSU graduates and have been practicing for at least 5 years.

Know Yourself

In writing your narrative, it is important to list your attributes such as:

– What are your key strengths?

– What adjectives come to mind to describe you?

– Why are you interested in engineering, particularly civil or environmental engineering?

Start with an outline which builds on the responses to the above questions. In addition, address the


– What is your name?

– Where are you from?

– What courses are you taking this year?

– What are you passionate about? (frisbee golf, backgammon, hiking?)

Deliverable: Narrative

Using the outline above, formulate sentences that connect to each other by writing a sentence around

each response. Keep the language simple. Read and revise the narrative. Let the paragraph rest and

pick it up later for another round of edits. The narrative should be no more than 400 words. Include a

small picture of yourself on the submission (to help me learn names).

Due Date

The assignment is due in class 1/17/18 (a printed copy). You must also upload a PDF copy to the

assignment folder on D2L by the due date/time.

  • Instructions
    • Know Yourself
    • Deliverable: Narrative
  • Due Date

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