Changing Theories: New Directions in Sociology
December 30, 2017
Identify an organizational behavior Topic and Interest
December 30, 2017

Internal and external methods of redressing state failure.

Internal and external methods of redressing state failure.

Compare and contrast internal and external methods of redressing state failure. Which way should we lean?

Beneficence ( Article by Singer)
rectification (Article by Pogge)
international reform (Article by Wenar)
immigration (Article by Miller)

charter cities (Article by Romer)
shared sovereignty (Article by Krasner)
humanitarian intervention (Article by Bass)
trusteeship ( Lake)

Main argument: All methods have their positive impact. However, if I had to choose,
External: Charter Cities as a theoretical theory at the moment seems promising for external redressing of state failures as there would be no negative impact on the state itself.

Internal: International reform, as the international society needs to stop using abusive methods to get resources from under developed, failed states. ( check Wenar to make sense of what I mean)

Please DO NOT use overly complicated words or overly political words/phrases.

I have attached a structure that SHOULD be followed when writing the essay. I have also provided an essay I wrote for this class, PLEASE try to follow the same style of my writing.

cite all sources.

Thank you.


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