Describe at least two types of loss that can occur that a standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover.
January 3, 2018
Week 4 Effects of Disaster on Children and Adolescents 0 unread of 0 messagesView Full Description To date, the effects of disaster events have been introduced through our course materials as well as the ways to interact with survivors of these disaster events. At particular risk for negative reaction in disaster situations, natural or man-made, are children and adolescents. Dependent upon the child’s/adolescent’s stage of development, responses to disaster events can vary significantly. Our course materials provide excellent guidance for those charged with aiding children and adolescents in disaster events. After review of the course materials, share your understanding of assessing and providing appropriate disaster behavioral health care for children and adolescents. Outlining how the process differs from that of disaster behavioral health with typical adult populations, note any significant factors you feel contribute to or hinder the recovery process with children and adolescents. Remember to respond to at least three classmates during the week in the discussion forum. Each week in the discussion forum: By Wednesday at 11:55pm Eastern Time please post a 300-word minimum length “Initial Post” in response to the topic requirements on each forum during its scheduled week. Also, required are for each forum are three (3) 200-word minimum length replies to at least three different classmates, due by Sunday at 11:55 pm Eastern Time.  Forums are scholarly dialogs, so while sharing what you think and not just what published authors wrote is encouraged, only stating opinion isn’t acceptable. Instead, thoughtfully integrate relevant theory and research you read about this week and strive to make connections between that academic content and your own observations and experiences. Formal citations are not required in the discussion forums. Your responses to the postings of other students should be relevant and substantive. Reply posts containing just a few sentences or statements of agreement or disagreement only or that stray away from the topic, congratulating classmates for a “good job”, or repeat what another classmate has already said in his or her posts does not demonstrate substantive discussion.    Please be certain to post the name of the person you are responding to in each post you make; this is essential for tracking who said what to whom.
January 3, 2018

Jason and Mary would each like to file single for tax year 2016

Jason and Mary Wells, friends of yours, were married on December 30, 2016. They know you are studying taxes and have sent you an e-mail with a question concerning their filing status. Jason and Mary would each like to file single for tax year 2016. Jason has prepared their taxes both as single and married filing jointly, and he has realized that the couple will get a larger combined refund if they each file single. Jason argues “that it’s not as if we were married for very long in 2016.” Prepare an e-mail to respond to Jason and Mary’s inquiry. View Solution:
Jason and Mary Wells friends of yours were married on


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