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March 12, 2020
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March 12, 2020

Jewish History

Please compose an essay in which you offer a critical historical analysis of Canto II of the Books of the Wars of the Lord by the mid-10th century Karaite, Solomon ben Yerucham. (The document is attached.) This work, composed in rhymed Hebrew quatrains, represents one of many Karaite responses to the defense of rabbinic Judaism by Saadia, a.k.a., the Fayyumite (Fayyum is a region/city in Egypt).

Part of your analysis should offer a description of the source–noting, for example, who wrote the text, when it was written, and under what historical circumstances. The greater part, however, should offer an analysis of the source, explaining its main ideas, themes, and imagery, what it tries to accomplish, how the attitude(s) expressed in the source reflect dynamics in the Jewish community, or between Jews and the wider world, etc.

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