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February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

“Leadership & Organizational Culture”

Dear all,Below is the second part of the project which was previously completed by you. Part 1 is attached for your reference to modify and add the following points to it.
The second part should include the following:
1. Select a Local/UAE Company and study in details the concept of “Leadership & Organizational Culture” in the chosen company and what have been done with regard to this issue.
2. Prepare the survey questions in Survey Monkey and provide me with the link so that I will be sending the link to my friends to get the results. After that, you will be required to analyze the results of the survey using SPSS – Statistical Process System Software. Attached is the questionnaire which was prepared by you, I need you to add/modify the questions to cover the concept of Leadership & Organizational Culture in general, in addition to in the local UAE Company.
The final report should include the following points:
– Abstract.
– Table of Contents.
– Chapter 1:
• Introduction about Leadership
• Introduction about the company selected.
– Chapter 2:
• Research Methodology
• Objectives of the study
• Research Gap
• Literature Review
• Statement of the Problem
• Research Design
• Population, Sample Size (Minimum 30)
• Hypothesis
• Results of the survey using SPSS – Statistical Process System Software. Results for each question.
– Chapter 3:
• Analysis
• Conclusions.
– Chapter 4: Recommendations. Need to be specific & add other recommendations which are already implemented in other successful organizations to overcome the obstacles faced in the local company.
– References.
– Appendix (Questionnaire, Results of the Survey)


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