3)       Explain why it is important to consider the intended goal of the evaluation and the viewpoint that is selected.
August 9, 2018
1. “ What we’ve discovered and what we know is the higher the fitness score, the higher the academic score,”
August 9, 2018

Literature review+ an example for same work will provide

Topic: Literature review+ an example for same work will provide
Order Description
” Is constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT) an effective intervention for upper limb function for people with cerebral palsy ? ”
The literature review structure is :
• Introduction (~200 words)
? Definition of clinical question
? Brief background
? Justification –why ask this question?
• Method/Process (~200 words)
? Search terms and process
? Inclusion/exclusion criteria
? Disciplines
• Main Body (~1400 words)
? Summarises articles in table or paragraphs
? Key features or themes that have been identified
For example
? Links between articles and between themes
? Developments/changes over time
? Key authors
? Contested areas or controversies
? Your ideas given the literature you’ve read
? Practice/theory match or mis-match
Conclusion (~200 words)
? ‘So what?’
? Reiteration of main themes from literature
? Explicitly link findings to practice
? Where further research is required


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