Explain why this issue warrants a public health campaign.
August 20, 2018
Identify a key element of health communication that is essential for a public health leader, in particular a leader who wishes to address the issue you have selected.
August 20, 2018

Management 1 Explain why ethics are an integral component of the manager’s toolbox in the 21st century.

1 Explain why ethics are an integral component of the manager’s toolbox in the 21st century.
2 Describe how and why ethics can and do guide managers’ decision making process
3 A) Discuss/ explain where companies get their culture from.
B) How does corporate culture influence mission, vision, ethics, metrics, collaboration
4 Explain how the macroenvironment affects the organization
5 A) Discuss how / why control is an integral component of the manager’s toolbox.
B) List and explain 3 tools that the manager can use to maintain control
6 Discuss 2 of the sources of a manager’s power, where it comes from, and how they can use it either positively or negatively.
7 Explain how the competitive environment affects the organization.
8 Explain how performance standards and six sigma can be used to improve the manager’s and their team’s performance
A) List and discuss the similarities / differences between leadership and management.
B) Discuss how leadership can / cannot be learned – support your position
C) Discuss how power is different / similar between leaders and mangers – explain why and support your position
10 Explain how leadership can be situational
11 Discuss how / why participation, collaboration, planning, and delegation are integral components to the manager’s success
12 Explain how organizational structure aids / hampers a manager in the performance of their job
13 Select 1 type of organization explained in the text and explain how it would be implemented in an organization and what the organization would look like
14 A) Discuss the differences / similarities if centralized and decentralized organizations
B) Select 1 and explain how it would / would not work in your current organization and WHY – support your position
15 Explain why organizational agility is important in today’s business environment
16 Explain why ISO, CRM, and TQM are essential to business’ success today and WHY- support your position


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