How can an emergency manager keep the public involved in hazard mitigation and the implementation of a hazard mitigation plan after it has been approved and adopted?
August 22, 2018
Which maneuver can be done to reduce the systemic absorption of cycloplegic and mydriatic agents when examining a pregnant woman if the examination is mandatory?
August 22, 2018

marketing mix/Achieving Corporate Success .

marketing mix/Achieving Corporate Success .
Marketing, as a discipline, has evolved as a body of knowledge, much of which is based on the 7Ps framework. For a product or service which attracts a clear market segment, with which you are familiar, prepare a plan which critically evaluates the use of the 7P framework when a product or service re-launch/update is being prepared as a lead up to a time of anticipated peak sales.
(1300-1500 words)
In your role as marketing co-ordinator for an outdoor leisure business, you have been asked to provide a critical judgement of the 6Cs of Corporate Marketing model (Balmer & Greyser, 2006) and indicate ways in which the various aspects of the model could be used in an effective manner to improve the corporate messages and public images of the organization. You have been asked to consider the role of social media within the contents.
(1300-1500 words)
? Academic referencing is to be used throughout that complies with Harvard principles. References listed on the final page in alphabetical order by author’s surname
? A professional standard of business presentation is to be used throughout, supported by an effective structure that includes a brief introduction and summary.
Instruction for writer
For task 1
Use coca cola’s new product and they re-launch with that product. Or you can choose any other product which has gone through re-launch/ update in past few years and must be in the market now.
Task 2
Choose any outdoor leisure business.
Its corporate marketing so (b 2 b only)
Use 6c’s
• Character
• Culture
• Constituencies
• Communication
• Conceptualisation
• Covenant.


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