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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Media Annotation Assessment

NURS1131: Complex Care Nursing – written assessment
Part 1: Media Annotation tool
Use the following time frame template analyse clip (add extra times if necessary)

Time sequence code comments
0-30 seconds
30 – 60 seconds
60 – 90seconds
90 – 120 seconds
120 – 150 seconds
150 – 180 seconds
180 – 210 seconds
210 – 240 seconds

NB – the cells in the table can be expanded as much as necessary to fully answer / comment
Part 2
Once you have completed part 1 you need to identify the research to provide evidence to support your comments and recommendations made for improving performance
You are expected to search for evidence in journals available via the RMIT library.
There are many journals with research into BLS and ALS so try and use these rather than a website (although the ARC website does provide reliable information as well. Examples of journals available via the library include: Resuscitation, Chest, Heart and Lung.
Do not use sites like Wikipaedia or WebMD as a source.
Word limit – 1500 – 2000


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